Soft Skills Package

12 months

$ 295

Get the entire library of courses with over 250 modules. Have everything you need to learn the business skills necessary for business success and a life of abundance.
Attaining Excellence for Leaders and Managers 6 Modules
Banking, Credit and Money  - New 12 Modules
Basic Business Finance 2 Modules
Basic Sales Modules
11 modules to increase your knowledge about effective and productive selling techniques
11 Modules
Career Growth 24 Modules
Change Management   Update - this program now comes with an exam. 2 Modules
Communications and Presentations 15 Modules
Cross Cultural Training 6 Modules
Customer Service Certificate 12 Modules
Doing Business in the Americas Certificate 5 Modules
E-Biz is Good Biz Level I Certificate 15 Modules
E-Biz is Good Biz Level II Certificate 12 Modules
Email Etiquette 1 Modules
Employment Ethics & Compliance Topics 25 Modules
Entrepreneurship 3 Modules
Essence of Caring for Health Care 6 Modules
Excellence for Small Business Self-Evaluation Tool 1 Modules
Expanding Customer Services (for Financial Services) 5 Modules
Feelings: Customer Service for those in Service Retail 6 Modules
Feelings: Quality Service...First Time, Every Time 6 Modules
Financial Management for Small Business Certificate 5 Modules
Five Star Service for Hospitality Employees 6 Modules
Five Star Service for Hospitality Managers 6 Modules
Going Global - An Introduction to International Trade   Updated Version with New Content!! 5 Modules
Health and Safety for Small Business 1 Modules
HR Basics 5 Modules
HR Management 16 Modules
Human Resources Development Topics 26 Modules
Interpreting Financial Statements 4 Modules
Introduction to Operations Management 1 Modules
Introduction to Risk Management  New! 1 Modules
Investing 101 1 Modules
Job Search for Success 7 Modules
Leading People 25 Modules
Management & Supervisory Modules
29 modules to help you improve your management skills
29 Modules
Management and Team Building 8 Modules
Marketing 4 Modules
Personal Finance 7 Modules
Problem Solving and Decision Making 6 Modules
Project Management 4 Modules
Sales Is Just Great Service! (for Financial Services) 6 Modules
Sexual Harassment for Employees 3 Modules
Sexual Harassment for Managers & Supervisors 4 Modules
Stages of Growth in Leading Firms Certificate 3 Modules
Strategic Management Certificate 6 Modules
Systematic Selling - The Complete Program 8 Modules
Time Management - Strategies for Sales Success 1 Modules
Time Management - Strategies for Success 1 Modules
Tourism Excellence Certificate      3 Modules
Trade Series Certificate 4 Modules
Train-the-Trainer 3 Modules
Understanding Financial Statements 1 Modules
Working With Customers 12 Modules
Workplace and Personal Skills Certificate 22 Modules
Writing Effective E-Mails 1 Modules
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