Reasons Why Rapid Weight Loss Is Bad

A lot of people dream of dropping all the excess weight in one go, but rapid weight loss can be a dangerous goal. Dramatic weight loss results may seem tempting, but they come with way too many adverse effects, and here are a few reasons why.

You Cannot Sustain Your Results

Other than the massive health issues that rapid weight loss can cause, a huge reason why rapid weight loss is bad is that you cannot sustain your results. Normally, healthy weight loss is done by losing 1-2 pounds a week through diet, exercise, and supplements like Prima weight loss pills.

If you lose more than 4-5 pounds a week, that will be considered rapid weight loss. This form of weight loss often puts the body through a huge amount of stress and the results are not sustainable.

Usually, people gain all of the weight back once they stop doing whatever method they tried to drastically lose weight. The most common method to lose weight too fast is through a crash diet.

Normally, people can lose 3-5 pounds or more a week through a crash diet. However, this is normally because they are not consuming enough water or food, which means they would have lost water weight and not any fat.

Moreover, it is highly likely that your body will start using up your lean muscle mass first. It is highly unlikely that a crash diet would actually target your fat stores.

Therefore, you will likely gain all the weight back once you stop your crash diet. This is because you will be gaining back all the water weight and any lean muscle mass you lost.

You Ruin Your Metabolism

Another huge reason why fast weight loss can be bad is that it can ruin your metabolism. If you already have a slow metabolism, trying a crash diet to induce rapid weight loss can lead to worse problems in the future.

Your body will naturally adapt to whatever circumstance it goes through to survive. Therefore, your metabolism actually slows down more to match how much food you are eating, making your body keep your fat stores for as long as possible.


One of the major reasons rapid weight loss can be extremely dangerous is that you can become malnourished. Most forms of intentional rapid weight loss occur through extremely crash diets that starve people.

Normally, these types of crash diets force you to consume little to no food, which is unhealthy for various reasons. Mainly, malnutrition can quickly occur because you would not be eating nearly enough protein for a long period.

Malnutrition in itself can cause a number of issues to your health. You will be significantly more likely to develop several infections and diseases because your body is not strong enough to ward them off.


It may seem desirable to experience rapid weight loss, but it is always too good to be true. You cannot sustain any of the results from rapid weight loss and you will usually get very sick in the process.